Designcoaching and consulting

Design Coaching and Consulting

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If you just need some help with your design or prototype, and want to pick our brain or get some ideas and suggestions, we can arrange one-on-one consultations so you can benefit from our knowledge and experience on an affordable budget.

You pick the time and place and you decide how much you want to spend according to your own budget and time line.
It doesn’t get more flexible than that!.

product concept design

Production Design And Development

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Our design process is tailored to your needs and budget. We can establish a design plan and product brief that can take your product from concept development, through prototyping and testing, to production. We can assist with Intellectual Property and patent drawings and liase with manufacturers and fabricators.

With our network of engineers,  CAD operators, toolmakers,  and other suppliers, we can help find a cost effective solution for your product.

design visualisation cad

Design Visualisation And 3D CAD

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If all you need to do is translate your fuzzy thought or “back-of-napkin” sketch into a tangible image , we can provide a realistic 3D representation. This can be used to better understand your idea, develop it further or use it as a marketing tool to evaluate its impact.
Or if you already have a design, like a dream house, a mechanical toothbrush or some other gadget we can not only make it look realistic but walk you through it or make it move and shake with 3D animation. 

prototypes and model making

Model Making

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Working prototypes of your invention are not only thrilling but are an essential part of the design process, however they are not necessarily an expensive part.
We utilise the latest Rapid Prototyping and 3D Printing processes and produce in-house silicone tools for plastic prototypes. We have access to laser cutters and metal fabricators for producing moving mechanical parts and can assist in producing electrical and electronic components to make things run.