Brand owners

If you are a brand owner of a range of existing products or want to develop new products that need to conform to specific criteria to suit your niche market, then you may find yourself spending a lot of time and money trying to get the design of your product just right.

Coming up with new product ideas is hard enough and determining the right features for your intended target market is not always an easy and straightforward task. Going through the design process for cost effective manufacturing can be daunting if you aren’t familiar with the process, and a steep learning curve if you go through it by yourself. Working with a manufacturer can often be laden with pitfalls and technical terminology that could make your project very costly if not done property, especially if there is a language barrier. If you are already working with a manufacture and find that they don’t understand exactly what you want, you could end up with a less than perfect product or a costly exercise repeating work that was not done properly the first time.

We can help take away the stress and difficulty of developing new products.

Having an impartial set of (trained) eyes go over your project can mean the difference between a personally biased design and one that actually appeals and works for your customer. Not only can we help design your product with your specific end user in mind, we can design it so there is minimal risk of the manufacturer getting it wrong. By designing the parts for the specific manufacturing process and choosing the right components for the function we can help minimise the time to market, the cost of development and stress of the process.

Contact us now for a free chat about your project and see if we can save you time, money and hassle while delivering a better product that is desirable and profitable.


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