inventors and entrepreneurs

Inventors and entrepreneurs

We all come up with great product ideas, however the success of an idea is all about its execution. If you think you have come up with the next big thing it is crucial that your idea is commercially viable, and it is vital to prove that it will do what you intend it do and that there are customers that will want to buy it for the right price. There is no point trying to sell a new whizz-bang can opener that is going to cost the earth and it doesn’t have a significant difference to any other can opener!

We can help you develop your product to be cost effectively produced, prove that it can work (or not) and test it on users before investing in costly manufacturing and marketing.

Our proven method of product development takes you through the process of concept development for your specific target market or end user. We will produce prototypes for testing form and function and develop aesthetics for styling and appeal. Finally, we help prepare the design for cost effective manufacturing and liaise with your manufacturer to ensure that your intended product is produced the way we specify.

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