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Product Design & Development

Turn your idea, invention or design into a real tangible product or prototype. We can transform your fuzzy idea into something tangible and real that you can hold in your hand, test and sell!

Product design & development

product concept design

New products, inventions and product improvements are our core business. We tailor our process to suit your product and budget and follow through from concept development to manufacturing & patenting.

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Prototypes & testing

prototypes and model making

Proving that a concept works is an essential part of product development. We produce low cost, effective and accurate samples for testing, validation and presentation. 3D printing is central but our capabilities including CNC machining, laser cutting, silicone moulding and more.

Visualisation & CAD

design visualisation cad

Seeing is believing and a picture tells a thousands words. 3D CAD visualisation, rendering and animation can often replace the need for a physical part. In the early stages of product development this can help communicate design intent for pitching, fundraising or marketing.

Design coaching & consulting

If you just need some help with your design or prototype, and want to pick our brain or get some ideas and suggestions, we can arrange one-on-one consultations so you can benefit from our knowledge and experience on an affordable budget.

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How do you get started?

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Every product is different, so every project needs to be approached in its own way. We plan every project accoding its unique needs and give upfront quotes where we can and ballpark estimates when there are unknowns.
There are always many questions before we begin, so we have compiled a list for you to read before we begin.