Manufacturers & fabricators

As a manufacturer or fabricator your business is to make the products that your customers request. But your customers don’t always know all the details they need to make your job easy. Often you will find yourself designing the product for your client based on your understanding of their brief. However, for the customer to be happy the product needs to suit their end user and unless you are happy to learn about their users, understand their needs and go through the process of design, testing and validation you may find that the customer either doesn’t go through with the job, or ends up unsatisfied with the outcome.

We can help minimise the effort needed to get your customers products ready for manufacture.

Our methods of working with the customer on the essential user features of the product is followed by a process of prototyping and detailing for manufacture and technical specification. This minimises the time and effort needed to get the product ready for manufacturing, leaving you with more time to produce the parts and/or assemble the components. We can work with you on specific projects to ensure parts are designed to your specification and CAD files are produced to suit your capabilities. We can design components that reduce your costs without sacrificing the integrity of the product and the customers satisfaction.

Contact us now to see how we can work together to get your jobs done faster an more cost effectively giving your customers more satisfaction and a reason to come back.


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