Catamaran Concept

Dave from Stallion Marine in Yandina, Queensland, wanted to refine the design he had in his head for a new catamaran.

He provided us with some reference drawings he wanted to work off and modify for his design. Using these 2D cross sections, a few elevations, some hand sketches and many reference images, we built the entire yacht in 3D CAD over several stages, including details of the interior architecture, rigging and fittings.

The ability to rotate and view the model from all angles allowed Dave to decide if he liked a certain feature or if he wanted it moved, scaled or reshaped. Many styling options could be applied, such as shape changes, colour combinations and even ‘racing stripes’, before any capital investment in production was needed.

Most of our communication was via email. We would regularly send Dave images of our progress which he would mark up with his comments for us to apply. We produced many iterations of the yacht until a final design was achieved.

Using photo realistic rendering techniques and a bit of Photoshop magic we created several high resolution presentation images to be used as marketing material and produced high quality prints.