Wax warming device

Our client in Texas wanted to see how his idea for a cosmetic wax warming device would look as a finished product.
He told us what he wanted it to do, how big it is and how it would be used.

To help him understand his product a bit better, we produced some quick hand sketches to confirm all the features and benefits required. Once he was happy that we had captured all the required details, we used 3D visualisation CAD to produce a number of aesthetic design concepts. This helped our client visualise and decide which shape and form would best suit the product.

The client also wanted to be able to hold the product in his hand, see what it feels like and also to be able to present it to investors that would help fund the manufacturing of the product.

So, we added just enough technical detail to the CAD to produce a full size physical “mock-up” of the product. All the moving and replaceable parts would work, but to keep costs down at this early stage, details such as the electrical components would be representational and┬ápurely for presentation purposes.

This model was not ready for manufacturing, but was adequate for producing physical parts using various rapid prototyping methods. We had the parts painted and finished to look like an almost real product. The client could hardly tell the difference!