SpectraCraft – Solar installation system

A local solar and renewable energy manufacturer was developing a new kit system called SolaReady, that would allow installers to cut the time and cost required to install solar systems in new homes.
The kit consisted of custom designed enclosures for their electrical circuit breakers and waterproof connectors to the outdoor units, as well as indoor mounting panels and cables.

We worked together, creating a range of prototypes to suit different systems and configurations. The precision CAD was initially used to produce low-resolution 3D printed housings to test for fit and function. Watch a video of this part being printed here.
Once a few modifications were made to the design, we produced a number of sample housings to install and test for strength and functionality.

Eventually, when all the details were ironed out, we produced presentation quality prototypes, that look and feel like the real thing. This presented a huge advantage in costs savings and time required to get sample products ready for trade presentation.

We also produced full size folded sheet metal mounting plates, with punched holes and slots for mounting the prototypes in test environments.

Using the same CAD models, we also produced a number of 3D rendered images that were used for printed presentation on brochures and catalogues at trade fairs, and on their website (See example presentation here )