Runn Baby – Hands Free Stroller
This innovative idea demanded several stages of trial and error to determine a way to create the articulated arms that connect a baby stroller to  jogger’s waist for “hands free” running. We started off by creating a digital simulation of a runner and determining which parts of the product would need to move and in what directions.
Initial prototypes were made from off-the-shelf parts such as springs and rubber hoses.

Several generations of 3D CAD models were created to produce files for Rapid Prototyping. This is a procedure that uses one of several methods to create actual physical models from the 3-dimensional computer data in a range of different materials

These parts were used directly for testing and were also used as master patterns for casting in silicone moulds so parts replicas could be produced in different colours and appropriate materials, such as flexible rubbers and hard plastics.

Full working prototypes were made from the final CAD models to prove that all the parts fitted together correctly and performed as required. A seamstress was employed to produce professionally finished fabric parts and packaging was designed for retail. Once the product was proven and tested a full set of drawings were produced and patents were applied for.